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Tee Times

  • Tee times will be issued on a first come first serve basis for the following day's play.

  • A registered golfer may reserve a tee time for up to four golfers for the following day in person by presenting their registration/ Membership card to the Cashier during regular business hours at the Golf Course.

  • Current Weekday hours the pro shop is open at 6 am the first tee time is 7 am weather permitting.

  • Current weekend hours the proshop opens at 5 am and the first tee time is 6 am.
  • The pro shop closes at 5 pm. Twilight starts at 3 pm
  • If the golfer who made the tee time can't play at the appointed time they must notify the office one half hour prior to the tee time or a No-Show fee will be applied. This fee will be assessed the next time the golfer plays.

  • Members with an active registration card may call starting at 8AM to reserve a tee time for the next day.